Our Team of Qualified Machinists!

With our qualified staff, we can candle all your machining needs from chasing threads on a single bolt so the nut fits to production runs of complex parts held to tight tolerances.  We do this with our fully equipped shop including

  • 5 manual lathes
  • 2 presses
  • 3 drill presses
  • 2 parts washers
  • 3 welders
  • Portable Line Boring machine
  • CNC mill
  • Manual mill
  • CNC lathe.

We are ready to get the job done.

Manual Lathes

Our manual lathes can handle jobs from 1" long to 10' long and 1/8" diameter to 21" diameter. We can accommodate a variety of jobs from machining pipe, threading, re-grooving pulleys , straightening drive shafts, to machining victaulic grooves and hydraulic cylinder parts.

CNC Machining

Another area of machining is our CNC department. With Certified Mastercam training, we can handle a wide range of jobs from milling keyways to mass producing pulleys, swivels, pistons, adapters, bushings, spindles and bearing housings. Not only can we machine parts such as these but do so while maintaining tolerances to .0001’’.

140 Ton Press

Our 140ton press allows us to straighten bearing shafts, remove stubborn bearings or bushings from housings. With our press we can install bearings in housings, on shafts and on axles. Our broaching press can broach keyways from 1/8’’ up to 1’’ keyways.

Having the only Portable Line Boring truck in the Medicine Hat area we can line bore holes at Our shop or Yours. Our truck is fully equipped with an on-board air compressor, generator, welder, angle grinders, bench grinder, portable line boring machine and welder and a variety of hand tools to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Manual Milling

Manual Mills allow us to remove broken bolts from housings and repair those threaded holes. Our extensive supply of standard and metric heli-coils and Ez lock inserts allow Us to do these repairs quickly and accurately. The can also be used to re-surface exhaust manifolds, sealing surfaces and drill precise holes in existing parts as needed.

These are just some of our machining capabilities. We encourage you, our current and future customers, to come down and talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff about your machining needs.