Trico Machining Line Boring Truck

Trico Machining now offers a portable line boring/welding truck to our customers to perform required on-site field repairs. The ability to attend the Customers’ location allows repairs to be done in a timely, cost effective manner. The truck is fully self-contained with a welder, line boring equipment, compressor, grinder and all necessary hand and measuring tools needed to complete the job on site.

Utilizing the YORK 4-14ET line boring machine and 830 SMARTWELD, bore from 1.5’’ to 16’’ diameter can be handled easily using a single set up to ensure accuracy and cost savings. The SMARTWELD has a consistent weld build up allowing for less machining and also has a capability to skip over keyways and holes during the buildup process. These weld build up’s can be done with steel, cast iron or silicon bronze as required.

MIG, TIG, stick, brazing and soldering can also be performed out of the truck using hand techniques. This allows the repair of various materials such as aluminum, cast iron, steel and bronze components.

Trico has set up this portable unit to fill a gap in the timely line boring in SE Alberta and SW Saskatchewan. Providing quick, efficient service for equipment in regards to:

  • Cylinder bushing eyes
  • Excavator bucket holes and wear points
  • Gear box bearing fits
  • Front wheel assist housing pivots
  • Trailer axle brake bushing holes
  • Any situation where multiple holes must be bored in perfect alignment

Trico is well prepared to supply custom made bushings and pins as needed for our customers. Bushings can be made of bushing bronze, aluminum bronze, zinc alloy and steel or Teflon/nylon as required based on application.

Pins can be manufactured from Induction hardened chrome shaft, 4140 or 4340 alloy steels, and C1045 or C1018 carbon steels based on application. Alternatively the original pin may be built up and machined back to the original size based on cost effectiveness.